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The brief was to create company headshots in colour an also in black & white. There were requirements for group photographs along with some working shots to replicate a meeting environment. 

First of all we photographed the individual headshots with each person coming to me one at a time. We find that this is the best approach to take. Most people hate having their picture taken and can become self-conscious and it always a good idea not to have work colleagues looking on while the headshots are being taken. As with most offices space can be at a premium but lucky enough the onsite studio that I build takes up a minimal amount of space.

All of the headshots went smoothly in no small part to the people involved as they were all very friendly and co-operative.

There were two requirements for group shots. The first one was need in banner style for their website on a plain background. So rather than trying to fit everyone together which would not have worked I photographed each person individually with a range of different poses. Then specific images were chosen and merged together in photoshop to create a group photograph to their exact requirements. The other group shot was a more straight forward approach in their boardroom. Following this as everyone was gathered in the boardroom I photographed to working shots that resembled a live meeting in progress.

It was an enjoyable photoshoot the people involved were a pleasure to work with, as well as having their own ideas they also were open to alternative solutions. The client was delighted with the final selection of images that were delivered and in the end that all that MATTERS!

team-horizon-mayo-black-and-white-headshotteam-horizon-mayo-black-and-white-headshotPic. Michael Dillon/Dillon Photography team-horizon-mayo-colour-headshot-2team-horizon-mayo-colour-headshot-2Pic. Michael Dillon/Dillon Photography team-horizon-mayo-coporate-photoshootteam-horizon-mayo-coporate-photoshootPic. Michael Dillon/Dillon Photography team-horizon-mayo-corporate-photographyteam-horizon-mayo-corporate-photographyPic. Michael Dillon/Dillon Photography team-horizon-mayo-corporate-photographerteam-horizon-mayo-corporate-photographerPic. Michael Dillon/Dillon Photography team-horizon-mayo-headshot-black-and-whiteteam-horizon-mayo-headshot-black-and-whitePic. Michael Dillon/Dillon Photography team-horizon-mayo-studio-portraitteam-horizon-mayo-studio-portraitPic. Michael Dillon/Dillon Photography team-horizon-mayo-team-shotteam-horizon-mayo-team-shotPic. Michael Dillon/Dillon Photography


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Environmental Headshot at TG4 https://www.headshots.ie/blog/2020/9/environmental-headshot-at-tg4 director_general_tg4director_general_tg4Pictured is TG4 Director General Alan Esslemont at the TG4 studio’s in Co. Galway . Pic. Michael Dillon

HEADSHOTS.ie also specialise in environmental headshots. Pictured here is TG4 Director General Alan Esslemont at the TG4 studio’s in Co. Galway. This particular shoot was commissioned by The Business Post for a feature story on Ireland's indigenous Irish language broadcaster TG4. TG4 is a public service television channel which broadcasts in Irish and is available free-to-air across Ireland.
A series of environmental headshots were created utilising the studios at the broadcasting facility in Connemara, Co. Galway.

HEADSHOTS.ie can provide you with stunning environmental headshots.  Contact us to see how we can help to promote your brand with our photography expertise.

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High Key Business Headshot https://www.headshots.ie/blog/2020/9/high-key-business-headshot

Sometimes nothing beats the timeless simplicity of an high key business headshot. High key in photography parlance is basically when a white background is used instead of mid grey for example. Whilst often associated with the harshness of a passport picture which is also photographed on a white background, this does not have to be the case when this approach is used for an executive business portrait or headshot.

So don't underestimate the power of a properly executed high key business headshot.


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Headshots at Teamwork https://www.headshots.ie/blog/2020/2/headshots-at-teamwork HEADSHOTS.ie had the pleasure recently of creating some headshots for Teamwork

Their head office is based in in Cork City with offices also in Belfast and Boston. A tech software company which builds software that frees teams to manage their work so they can focus on the productive and brilliant. Their product allows users to make the most of their working day whilst not getting bogged down with to-do lists. Basically put they produce business management apps which are used by leading brands around the world. I must say that their headquarters as an environment for working was fabulous.

When doing headshots on location there is always the challenge of setting up a studio in the best location, one thing that you do not want to do is to be disruptive to the company involved they must function as normal. So it’s a good idea to be scanning the environment the second you walk in the door, as they say time is money and this applies both parties. With the shoot time usually there is half an hour for recce-setup built in working backwards from the first scheduled headshot. There is usually a few tweaks to lighting with the first headshot and once the lighting is dialled in it’s case of concentrating on the people involved. The focus should be on the person involved and not the technical process. Not everyone like having their photograph so it’s important that the photographer is aware of body language and makes everyone feel as comfortable as possible during the process. Here are a selection of images from the shoot, the company also requested a selection of black & white images with a few PR images also. 


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Headshot or Editorial Headshot? https://www.headshots.ie/blog/2019/8/headshot-or-editorial-headshot Headshot or Editorial Headshot?

To the lay person you could be forgiven for wondering, what type of headshot to I need? What is the difference between  a headshot and an editorial headshot? Whether it just boils down to technique, which is a factor. But it is also one of intent.

A Headshot is generally understood to be a formal representation of a person for use in a professional setting. Allied to your educational and professional achievements, Headshots should be viewed as another element for personal and professional marketing which helps to enhance career goals. Essentially you are investing in your personal brand by ensuring you have an excellent headshot. Business professionals have them taken to use on profiles or to accompany articles about them. The reality is that in this day and age the requirement to have an online presence, practically everyone needs one for their LinkedIn, Social Media profiles and websites.

An editorial Headshot will differ somewhat to an traditional headshot. Whilst still retaining elements of a traditional headshot and editorial headshot differs in that an environment usually a business place or elements of a product are incorporated into the image as opposed to the traditional headshot that uses a neutral background.

Below are two examples of the aforementioned Headshot and Editorial Headshot. The first image from a series of headshots which were commissioned by Chanelle Pharma is an example of a traditional headshot where the focus is on the individual by using in this case a neutral background. The second image is an example of an editorial headshot where a brand in this case Specsavers was incorporated into the image. The

To sum up a headshot promotes the individual whereas the editorial headshot promotes the individual and brand simultaneously.

executive-headshotexecutive-headshot specsavers-galway-portraitspecsavers-galway-portraitPictured is Cathy O'Boyle, Specsavers, Galway Shopping Centre. Pic. Michael Dillon

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An Apology https://www.headshots.ie/blog/2019/8/an-apology Dear Blog,

Please accept My apologies, I am sincerely sorry.

I realize that I have neglected you. You are really important to Headshots Photography, a vital member of the marketing team. I know that my failure to regularly update you has a detrimental effect on getting the word out as it were about our photography exploits and the interesting clientele that we meet. This reflects poorly upon me, and I am very sorry for allowing this situation to arise.

Moving forward it is my intention to feed you with regular information, avoiding the neglect which has occurred in the past. I will endeavour to be more considerate about our relationship. I will also be more aware of how valuable you are to getting out the message about Headshots Photography. I will put in the time required to make sure this gets done. This will not happen again.

Thank you for allowing me post this. 

Headshots Photography.


Commercial Portfolio available here.


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How Important is Your Headshot? https://www.headshots.ie/blog/2019/1/how-important-is-your-headshot It is important to realise that similar to any other marketing platform that you invest in for your business for example a company logo, website, business cards and promotional brochures that tell potential customers-clients what you have to offer, the correct headshots for you or your team should also be viewed as important as the aforementioned items. People want to know the face behind the name, your headshot puts a face to the name as it were. It should encourage people to engage with you which will have add on benefits for your business or brand. Whether you are a small business owner, young executive growing your career or a seasoned professional don’t underestimate how important your headshot is to your personal branding strategy. The right headshot will do  a lot more for you and your business than the wrong one will. The mugshot deer caught in the headlights look of a bad headshot does no favours if anything it has a detrimental effect.

So invest in your headshot to enhance your value.

  director-headshotdirector-headshotPictured is Michael Burke of Chanelle. Pic. Michael Dillon


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